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  • Bathrooms Glasgow - Visit Osprey's Bathroom Showroom in Glasgow


A new bathroom is always a big step when it comes to redesigning your home interior. Some people go through bathrooms like chocolate bars, devouring the current designs and trends before moving on to the next bathroom craze. Other people may keep the same bathroom until the fittings and fixtures are all worn and holey. Supplying the best bathrooms in Glasgow we've noticed a certain trend with our customers; whether you keep your bathroom for one, ten or thirty years, there are certain reasons why people pull out their purses and buy a new bathroom.



 Moving into a New House


When you first move into a brand new home the first thing you want to do- after a cup of tea and a couple of biscuits- is to put your own stamp on it. The bathroom is a private and intimate part of the house, so choosing a bathroom that suits your style and personality can help you and your family feel more relaxed and at home in your new environment.





Updating Old and Outdated Decor


Some people may like stepping back in time when they open up the bathroom door, others may not be so keen. A lot can happen in thirty years and sometimes having a fresh lick of paint, new shiny tiles or a bathtub that hasn't been subjected to lime scale may bring a refreshing atmosphere to your home. 





Replacing Damaged Fittings/ Fixtures


Over time, fittings and fixtures may be subjected to various levels of wear and tear. It's not uncommon and, in a bathroom, it can affect a number of features. Light fittings, taps, towel racks, toilet seats, toilet handles etc. may all be subject to a certain amount of neglect- however accidental. Sometimes replacing these damaged fittings and fixtures is the only way to carry on using your bathroom safely and securely.




For Practicalities Sake


Whether you're buying a bathroom for your own sake, for a family member’s sake, or as a landlord, practicality in a bathroom is the main aim when it comes to redesigning your bathroom layout. Perhaps your family has grown, maybe you need extra space or an easy layout for a family member with a disability, perhaps you need to assure your tenants that damp will be minimal if nonexistent; for any of these reasons, changing certain features can help with the efficiency and practicality of your bathroom.




We do our best to provide you with great, efficient and stylish bathrooms at affordable prices and, whatever your reason for changing your bathroom, we're here to help you through the transaction every step of the way. Contact us today on 0800 007 5344  for more information about what kind of bathrooms we have for you.





What our Customers Say!

  • We are absolutely delighted with our new bathroom. Colin understood straight away the "Look" we wanted. Jim Terrance and Brian worked hard to turn the picture in my head into reality. We were very impressed by there profesionalism and would recommend them without hesitation.
    karen Hunter
    Nov 08 2011, 12:00 (AM)
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