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The morning rush can sometimes be a daunting task for many families. With too many people rushing around, squeezing past each other to complete their daily routines, the bathroom can become a morning battleground. There are a couple of ways to save yourself from the hassle and morning arguments however, and these may just help you and your family survive the morning rush.


First Come First Served?


In most cases the rules of the bathroom are simple, first up gets first turn, and so on and so forth.

The first problem that arises is when the person who taken the longest in the bathroom is second or third in line instead of first. Sometimes to avoid arguments, make sure the person likely to take the longest amount of time is in and out before everybody else. That way you're not hanging around waiting for your children before jetting off on the school run.

The second issue is when two people are up at the same time. Who goes first? Why should they go first? When will they be finished? There's an easy way to survive this dilemma: "What do you need to do?" Figuring out who's in more dire need is a sure-fire way of saving your family time and energy first thing in the morning.





Storage Spaces


Surprisingly or not, another major argument which arises first thing in the morning comes along the lines of, "Who's used my..." From tooth brushes through to face scrubs, the bathrooms many tools can get muddled up easily if not stored in certain areas. Multiple toothbrushes in one place, for example, can be easily saved from numerous mouths by colour coding them. Getting specific colours or specific types can mean there's absolutely no chance that somebody will forget which toothbrush is theirs.

Having a shelf for each person's personal belongings in a cabinet, for example, can be another easy way to reduce the stress of a morning argument, and if you need help in changing around your bathroom design to accommodate for such things, we're always happy to help.





The Toilet Seat


The seat up vs seat down has been a topic of vast discussion for generations. When it comes to bathroom etiquette it's always nice to accommodate each gender in your household. The basic rule, however, can be very simple: close the lid.

Closing the lid on the toilet seat after use and before flushing not only reduces particle spray from the toilet across your bathroom, but also means that everybody, no matter their gender, has to work before using the toilet. We think the suitable term for this rule is 'check mate'.






When it comes to bathrooms in Glasgow we try to help you in every aspect, especially in optimising your bathroom space to further avoid any morning mishaps. For more information on what bathroom designs could save you time in the morning rush, contact us today on 0800 007 5344  

What our Customers Say!

  • Very impressed by Colin and his Team as they installed our lovely new bathroom. Couple of wee things needed fixing but Colin was true to his word and got them sorted as soon as possible. Happily recommend them to anyone.
    Pauline Baird
    Oct 19 2010, 12:00 (AM)
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