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  • Bathrooms Glasgow - Visit Osprey's Bathroom Showroom in Glasgow

When it comes to decorating any room in the home, you’ll want to opt for a colour that’ll last, and colour that will provide stylish, on-trend and timeless design without the worry of becoming dated by next season.

In many homes, the bathroom is one of the most used (and in turn, important) rooms in the home, meaning its aesthetic should be simple yet well-designed to provide you with the design styles you want from an interior.

So, whether you fancy a style overhaul for the New Year, or just fancy bringing a little 2015 style into your home’s design – here are a few of the must-have palettes for your design focused home in the coming year.

Natural Stone

Natural stones have been a popular choice for bathroom decor for many years, although this year the trend favourite is slate. For both larger and smaller spaced rooms, opt for a textural rich colour that is sure to ‘pop’ against a crisp monochrome bathroom suite.

Slate tiles are a fantastic way of adding drama and giving a space a statement-aesthetic, providing a delicate and natural palette to any bathroom setting. Deep and textural colours are the must-have colour trend, and boast a relaxing and well-designed style to any natural interior. Consider ash greys, burnt oranges, dusty charcoals and subtle earth tones pairings for unique and contemporary hue palettes.

Mirrored Metallic

If you’re aiming to achieve a minimalist and modern aesthetic, why not enhance a room’s space by the addition or metallic and mirrored features? By adding metallic detailing to a space, the room’s size can be improved with little effort, creating room expanding qualities to even the slightest of spaces.

Metallic and mirrored additions are a style highlight of the coming design year, and are sure to enhance any minimalist space. Whether floor length mirrors, mirrored details or metallic accessories – this style is great for both large and small spaced areas, adding the perfect touch to any modern or traditional home.

The New Grey

For a minimalist interior, or a way of modernising a traditional aesthetic; consider a simple and subtle colour that will complement your space without overpowering the design. Neutral colours are a fantastic choice for long-lasting and timeless colour application, however when opting for a colour that is sure to work – consider grey tones.

Greys are subtle, sophisticated and easy-to-accessorise – providing any home owner with a must-have shade that will forever be in fashion, whatever the season. Rumour is - grey is the new black, and it’s set to be the neutral shade that will complement any room decor and home styling.


Here at Osprey Bathrooms, we are proud to be one of the leading providers of beautiful, bespoke and perfectly-designed bathrooms in Glasgow – making it easy for you to achieve the epitome of bathroom design in your home. So, for more information, or for a little design advice – why not contact our friendly and professional team today on 0800 007 5344.

What our Customers Say!

  • Hi, Just had my bathroom completed by Jim, Terrance and i think Brian tiler cannot praise these workmen highly enough wonderful job from start to finish would recommend to anyone thinking of getting new bathroom Thankyou Osprey especially Jim, Terrance and tiler
    Helen McElhinney
    May 01 2010, 12:00 (AM)
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